March 8, 2024

Step-by-step guide: Switching from Instagram personal to creator account

Whether you're an influencer, artist, entrepreneur, or someone looking to expand their reach on Instagram, switching to a Creator account can be a game-changer. This post provides a straightforward, step-by-step guide to making this switch, unlocking advanced features that can elevate your Instagram presence.


  • Simplify with Heylist Wizard: Use Heylist Wizard Sign Up and select "I have a personal account" to easily switch to a Creator account and create a Facebook Connected Page.
  • Manual Steps on Instagram: Access account. Scroll to "Account" and select "Switch to Professional Account.". Select "Creator" account type.
  • Create a Facebook Page: From the Facebook app, create a new Page and customize it with necessary details and photos.
  • Benefits of Switching: Transitioning to a Creator account enhances your Instagram capabilities, offering advanced insights, profile management, and content tools.

First option

Your first and simplest option is to do so via Heylist Wizard Sign Up by selecting the "I have a personal account" option. Doing so, Meta's popup window will walk you through every steps to switch your account from "Personal" to "Creator" and create your Facebook Connected Page in a few click.
Note: For this option, you must already have a Facebook profile.

Second option

Step 1: Access your account settings

Open your Instagram app, go to your profile, and tap the three lines in the upper right corner. Then, select Settings.

Step 2: Enter the 'Account' section

In your Settings menu, scroll down and select the Account type and tools option.

Step 3: Select 'Switch to Professional Account'

Scroll down in the Account type and tools section and choose the Switch to Professional Account option.

Step 4: Select your category and review contact information

Instagram will prompt you choose a category that best describes what you do (e.g., Artist, Blogger, Chef). After selecting your category, you'll have to choose between a Business and a Creator account. Select Creator.

Step 5: Review your profile and privacy settings

Take a moment to review your profile settings. Ensure your profile is set to public, as Creator accounts cannot be private.

Step 6: Create a Page from your mobile device

  1. Open the Facebook app.
  2. Tap your profile picture to open Menu.
  3. Tap See more to access more button boxes.
  4. Tap Pages.
  5. At the top left, tap Create.
  6. Enter your Page name, and click Next.
  7. Search for a category or choose one of the Popular categories.
  8. Tap Create.
  9. To Finish setting up your Page, you can enter your Bio, Contact information, Location, and Hours.
  10. To Customize your Page, you can add a profile picture and a cover photo.
  11. To Build your Page audience, tap Invite friends.
  12. If you want to get notifications about your page, turn on Page notifications on your profile.
  13. Tap Done.

Step 7: Connect a Facebook Page to your professional account

To add or change the Facebook Page that is connected to your Instagram professional account:

  1. Go to your Instagram profile.
  2. Select Edit profile.
  3. Under Public business information, select Page.
  4. Tap Create Facebook Page or Connect an existing Page.
  5. Choose a Page from your Pages that you'd like to connect to or select Create a new Facebook Page.
  6. Tap Done after you've selected a Page or created a new Page.

Your professional account is now connected to a Facebook Page. If the Page you'd like to connect is not showing in the drop down from your profile, it may be because you don't have Facebook access to that Page. Check your Page's settings and make sure you have permission to add that Page to your Instagram professional account.

In the end...

Switching to a Creator account opens up a new world of possibilities on Instagram. By following these steps, you can unlock advanced features that offer deeper insights into your audience, greater flexibility in managing your profile, and enhanced tools for content creation.

If you're ready to take your Instagram presence to the next level, consider switching to a Creator account today. Embrace the advanced features and analytics, and start crafting a more impactful, engaging social media presence.